Gayle Gottlich

Gayle works as a Facilitative Consultant in her business, Pathfinder Consulting.  She delights in guiding team/groups to organizational alignment while empowering them to work with intention and joy.  As a cradle Episcopalian she has been active at the local and Diocesan level throughout her life. From 2004 to 2017 she served as a volunteer Youth Coordinator for All Saints’ Episcopal Church and enjoyed working with the children and youth as a Godly Play Storyteller to J2A (Journey to Adulthood) Mentor.  Current ministries include arranging flowers for the altar, Kitchen Angel and serving on the Discernment Commission.  Her strengths are Ideation, Strategic, Learner, Connectedness, and Relator.  These strengths are typically engaged in her pursuit of creative solutions and identifying the leverage points to bring about expanded possibilities. 

In 2004 Gayle embarked with nine other friends on a spiritual journey, a catechumens class, much like Deep Shift.  Pamela McDowell was one of those friends.  The relationships that began in that class have grown and deepened through the years.  The revelations and lessons of that time have been influential in the course of her life and the way she views the world.  A world-view that sees all creation being interconnected.  The connections, in her view, are enabled by the Holy Spirit.  This sense of connectedness fosters a deep longing for community and conversation and creativity. 

Pamela McDowell

Pam is the co-founder of Pediatric Therapy Associates and the owner of the physical therapy portion of this private practice.  She has over 35 years of experience and specialized training with a focus to empower people to develop pain-free mobility and function throughout their life. She is life-learner, pursuing and evaluating new and innovative programs and strategies that can be integrated into the overall treatment programs in her practice and in her life.

Pam is a long-time member of the All Saints’ community. She has been a J2A mentor, served on Vestry and as Senior Warden, and has found an unexpected joy being part of the choir. Pam is one of our key historians, advocates, and role models for the story of the All Saints’ core values, which has been a true compass for this church and its ministries over many years. She has expanded the reach of our core values to other churches and our diocese while serving on the Executive Board for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas. She is a deep listener to people and their stories, both spoken and unspoken. Her wise observations and gentle loving presence are a wonderful addition to the group experience.

Gayle Gottlich and Pam McDowell are the facilitators for the 2020-2022 Deep Shift Group.

Debbie Dunham and John Otto are the facilitators for the 2019-2021 Deep Shift Group.