The Small Group Experience

Deep Shift facilitators and participants will work together to create a space that is open and hospitable, resource-rich and charged with expectancy.

  • Slow down, listen, and reflect.
  • Give each other uninterrupted time to finish their thoughts, allowing space before speaking.
  • Engage in dialect with others in the group – a dialogue about things that matter.
  • Grow to be able to clarify and affirm our truths in the presence of others – truth that is more likely to overflow into our work and lives.
  • Share with others in a manner that honors the primacy and integrity of the inner teacher – free from external judgment.
  • Learn to listen deeply and ask questions of ourselves and others that help us hear their own inner wisdom more clearly. 
  • Explore the intersection of the universal stories of human experience – from our books, videos, and podcasts – while reflecting on the “big questions” of our lives.